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Modern Security Systems Corporation is seeking to provide modern security solutions that help to promote the maximum protection of individuals and organizations, so you can rest assured of your loved ones or property at any time. All this is by linking all security services to work in harmony and by easily controlling all features to achieve maximum protection and sustainable well-being.

Through studying the security devices' market, it was found that a lot of users want to continously follow-up the devices, and because folowing-up takes a lot of time to monitor the performance of surveillance cameras or to monitor the performance of theft alarm panels and other, we found that the users need an application that provides them with constant and continuous follow-up of any emergency, saving them time, effort and maximum protection.

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Our Story

Because we are part of society and we understand the importance of security for individuals and facilities, we strive to provide the highest degree of protection with which we can assure ourselves and our community.


Our Mission

We strive to secure individuals, properties and facilities with the best technology, by providing a comprehensive application that allows all security devices to be monitored simultaneously or individual applications for each security device at a time.


Our Vision

Technological development doesn't stop and so do we, and because ongoing follow-up of your home and facilities provides permanent protection, we offer you the best apps that provide you with full follow-up on a single screen