Wireless networking has become one of the most important pillars of life, both for individuals and for organizations, with the Internet being more smoothly and efficiently used, as well as the role of networking to facilitate business and communication between employees and managers, as well as improve business processes.

Also it has a key role in the development of remote working systems, so network solutions from wireless devices and network support devices help to provide Internet access anywhere without having to move near wired Internet devices.

  • To cover and strengthen the largest Internet range in the facility, the access point is relied upon, which operates in a wired way by connecting to the router through direct connect cables, and then the access point provides Wi-Fi to a specific range.
  • Also it can work in a non-wired manner where it is connected to the router wirelessly and distribute the internet within a certain range. The access point can connect to Switch devices, which help connect the Internet to a wider and more complex range.

Remote control of networking devices helps to impose protection on them, and be able to activate or cancel their services at any time.