Theft alarm panels have become an essential part of the security elements of homes as well as facilities, for their ability to monitor movements and issue remote warnings for the necessary measures to be taken.

Theft alarm panels operate through a number of sensors, and when detecting a strange movement it sends a warning messages or calls the predefined numbers. for the devices to carry out their task accurately, they must support the following characteristics:

  • Wireless: in which the alarm panel is controlled remotely without the need to connect cables, thus preserving the place its shape, and at the same time its wires cannot be cut.
  • Supporting different sensors: To ensure a higher level of protection, theft alarm panels should support the largest number of sensors, such as window sensors that trigger an alarm when opened from outside, movement sensors, and laser sensors for outdoors scanning.
  • Powered by extra batteries: It fits different places and if the electricity is disconnected from the place to disable the alarms, the battery-powered theft alarm panels continue to work without being affected by the power outage.
  • Call internal numbers: When an emergency occurs, the devices automatically call the emergency numbers or the predefined numbers

The availability of these features in theft alarm devices makes them work in the most effective way to provide the most protection in homes, or facilities.