Home or institutions intercom helps to fully secure the doors, allowing its user to control the entry or deny entry of individuals it is a sophisticated security control system that provides complete security for any place.

The purpose of using the intercom should be determined first before choosing one, as this step helps to choose it with the suitable specifications.

The most important characteristics of modern intercom devices are:
  • Audio and video: it supports simultaneous taking pictures and recording videos, and it is also possible to speak directly or record audio messages from anywhere, as well as control the opening and closing of doors
  • High quality: Helps you see the face of people in detail, and get to know them quickly.
  • Night vision: It helps to provide clear pictures of people during the night or when the power outages.
  • Battery support: In the event of a power outage, the intercom will continue its work with the same quality and efficiency.
  • Multi-connect: It accepts a connection to more than one apartment or office if the building is comprised of more than one floor, allowing control of the entire building.

The Intercom can be used to detect people or even animals for those having homes in remote areas, so this device provides full building security and can be connected to modern security applications that help manage security devices remotely.