The Real Meaning Of Security

by Webmaster

Surveillance technology and modern security devices have become one of the essential needs of this era, so they are imperative for both homes and establishments, in order to ensure the highest degree of protection. We are working to provide the best modern technology to link all security services within a single system.

So you can support your home or facility with any number of surveillance and warning devices and even measuring the amount of fumes in the air, combining all devices with one application that helps you access any security device at any time. This is through simple tools that help you manage the application smoothly.

The application can be linked to many modern security systems such as:

  • Outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras.
  • External intercom devices.
  • Theft alarm panels.
  • Fumes measuring devices.
Surveillance Cameras: The app can follow-up various types of surveillance cameras, both day and night, whether visible or hidden ones, as the app enables you to keep track of what's going on at home or the facility at any time, with image and sound clarity, and video recording or audio communication can also be made through the app.
External Intercom devices: The application enables reply and communicate through it, as well as control the opening and closing of doors, and video recording enables taking the pictures in front of the home or facility door.
Theft alarm Panels: Through the application, any sudden entry through the doors or windows can be identified, control the activation or cancellation of the alarm system, as well as calling contact numbers thereon.
Fumes measuring devices.: With application tools, fumes escalation sensors and CO2 ratios can be managed.

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